Pee in towel

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Peeing on a towel?

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By Beth [25 Posts, 1, Comments] August un, found this helpful How many times are they used before they are washed? Do they dry well inbetween? I noticed a funky smell on some of my towels once and started washing toweel more often. By kim [2 Posts, 24 Comments] August 6, found this helpful I agree with some of the others. I also put vinegar in the washer when I wash the towels. I try to always separate towels. I have 3 bins, one for bath towels any of the personal use kind: I use a bar mop every day for when I am cooking. It cuts down on the paper towel use, but I also have the usual kitchen rag, and towel too. Ad But the bar mop ones, pee-u! I wouldn't want them with my bath towels! Then, the third bin is strictly for cleaning towels and small rugs.

They get stinky, too. So vinegar works great for the smelly laundry from all areas. I guess my point is, separate and use vinegar. It can be hard to remove the smell that comes back when the towel is damp.

By Tracy Baker [18 Comments] August 6, found this helpful The Pde where you store the towels may be the source. I would empty it, wash it down with hydrogen peroxide followed by a wipe down with a sponge moistened with a vinegar water solution. It also is a good odor remover. Use about a cup per load. I find it works better than the vinegar.

Ammonia also works even toqel, but it will slightly alter the color of your towels. If you have new dark colors, you won't want this. If tosel colors are light or the towels are somewhat tkwel and it doesn't matter, use about a cup of ammonia in the wash water. There was one way to find out. The diapers were a little small. I couldn't put one on. I'd have to more so pee ON the diaper rather than wear it. It seemed a bit weird. I was kind of disturbed by the whole thing to tell you the truth but look, I had to pee so badly that my eyeballs were practically yellow. I could attempt peeing in a diaper or I could end up peeing my pants and destroying the rental car.

The diaper won out.

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I climbed into the backseat, shimmied out of my jeans and grabbed some diapers from the baby's bag. Once splayed open before me, the diaper looked troublingly small. I had second thoughts. I took a chance and went for it. Are you doing this so you can write about it? I wanted to gouge out his eyes. Sometimes my husband gets on my nerves and this was one of those times. I'm doing it because I have to pee so badly that I need dialysis and because my other two options are to A. Piss my pants in the rental car or B. He offered to snake through the traffic to the exit. Three diapers to be exact.

In towel Pee

Apparently I pee a lot more than my child because towle ten seconds in the diaper began to swell like it does when the baby goes in the pool and I didn't want a 35 pound pee bomb leaking in the rental or exploding urine soaked jelly balls all over the place. A convenient box of baby wipes helped complete the adventure and when it was over I felt about a bazillion times better. The traffic didn't improve. It took us three hours to get to Newport Beach where we got off and took PCH to Laguna to see the sunset and run on the sand which we all needed after that drive. Roses blooming on the cliffs.

A line of dolphins in the distant kelp. All's well that ends well as Ma Ingalls used to say. So what'd you do on your vacation Vic?

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