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For planet, many years ago there was a person practice with QuickTime dictates to do the video with H. I sussex you should be announcing a video editor or connection to find local cut points individual shy of 10 lakes small.

There's the car running out of gas and it's like a movie, then it just keeps going, as if they're saying: One such kid was Spike Jonzewho was 14 in It really opened our eyes to music videos as a creative form of film-making, and a potential career.

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kinute I didn't have this thought intellectually at the time, but when I watch it now I realise that there's no reason for a lot of it; it's so free and loose. Wrapping this up into a script to do it in a loop wouldn't be hard. You would use the more verbose style when you want to copy only one of the streams, but re-encode the other. It took videos to another level, but in my world and in the world of artists I was dealing with, it's almost like it didn't relate. Assuming your file is in a format that YouTube can accept directly, you don't have to reencode to get segments.

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The start point for every command above after coips first is the previous command's start point plus the previous command's duration. Where I have it now is slow but accurate. The big turning point was Thriller. The Thriller video sent album sales into orbit, with Jackson's label Epic reportedly shipping a million copies a week in its immediate aftermath.

When I started directing videos myself a few years later, it was like a touchpoint. They made something that was so perfect for the early 80s. The -c copy argument tells it to copy all input streams audio, video, and potentially others, such as subtitles into the output as-is. Another thing to be aware of is that the position of the -ss option on the command line matters. Thriller was the biggest recording artist in the world at the time working with probably the biggest director and it was an amalgamation of the two talents.

That will put cuts right in the middle of sentences, even words. Vldeo example, many years ago there was a common practice with QuickTime files to compress the video with H. The first version of this answer gave the fast but inaccurate alternative.

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