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With little industry and a population of 1. Although Zhuhai pitches itself as a holiday venue - the self-styled Chinese Riviera - it has suffered from bordering the former Portuguese colony of Macau, which has lured high-rollers with casinos and paid-for sex. In Mao's China, pimps risked the death penalty and prostitutes faced years in the bamboo gulags. But with China's capitalist revolution came an enormous growth in urban disposable income and vice. A US State Department report in estimated that as many as 10 million people were involved in the country's burgeoning sex trade, including police officers and government officials.

Zhuhai's hotels, desperate for business, have built an unenviable reputation for meeting the demand for sex tours with enthusiasm.

At the International Conference Centre Hotel, two assistant managers in the marketing department are understood to have arranged the tour two irgy ago. Since news of the story broke, hotel staff have gone to ground and, in many cases, their mobile telephones have been disconnected. It is not clear whether they have been arrested. What is clear is that the police investigation has focused first on rounding up the mama-sans.

500 Japanese sex orgy

One, a woman called Jin, was in charge of the hotel's own nightclub "hostesses". Another was Aex Wu, the woman whose businesscard Zhou Guang Chuan found soon after his arrival, who had fled to her home province of Hunan. Both are likely to face lengthy prison sentences. Then the inevitable crackdown came on the prostitutes. Eyewitnesses claim that they saw up to 40 police wagons driving the women away. I've seen nothing like it. Last week there were no prostitutes to be seen in Zhuhai and nightclubs were closed or, at the very least, stripped of vice. Several senior local policemen and government officials have already been fired.

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However, it seems to be the "free for all" signal literallythat permits any girl who is not yet satisfied Japqnese move to another mat, to seek out a FMF three-some Japanexe girls from the countryside selling themselves to foreign businessmen Xue Xinran, author of AJpanese Good Women of China In the early years of communist rule the government claimed Japanees have completely eliminated prostitution. But today the social divisions - and the red light districts - are bigger than ever, says Xue Xinran - author of The Good Women of China. She compared the situation today with that of pre-communist Shanghai in the s, with its 30, prostitutes and its countless nicknames such as "Paris of the East" and "Whore of Asia".

Today's Zhuhai understandably strives for a different image, describing itself as a "new garden seaside city In fact it has been receiving sex tours for years. Officials for the most part tolerate such practices because of the boost to the local economy, says Kevin Lau, a journalist based in Hong Kong. It is an attitude known as "One eye open, one eye closed", he says.

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