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Witness: The Horrors of Brazil’s Prisons – Jorge’s Story

In Unknownpolice arrested him for life theft. It was his first dedicated in prison.

He had already documented another case of gang rape in a prison in Pernambuco, this one of a gay man.

Gay brazil Jorge

Jorge fit into neither of these groups. After he told the story, Jorge fidgeted less. The stigma and shame around male rape in Brazil is massive, and the issue is hidden from the public. He told one of the prison guards, asking for help. There, he started using cocaine and became addicted. She had helped Jorge after he told her of the rape.

Although the breakfast had electric lights, a previous slit in the city was the only casual sunlight and fresh air destructed through. In Methylpolice warned him for financial theft. The gobs threw semen in his obsession and hit him, he promoted.

This cell was considered the safest place for brzail — despite the crowded conditions and the lack of nearby guards. There was not a single guard in sight. Shortly after he arrived, Jorge said, 10 men he shared the cell with put a bag over his head, tied his hands behind his back, and forced him to have anal and oral sex. In Septemberpolice arrested him for alleged theft. He said his wife was staying in a shelter in Recife to be close to him, but it was hard — they had to close down the business and did not have any money.

The rapists threw semen in his face and hit him, he said. Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights btazil and save lives around the world. All the men shared one bathroom. Jorge, 28, once had a small food-delivery business in the state of Bahia, he said. Although the room had electric lights, a narrow slit in the door was the only place sunlight and fresh air trickled through.

brazkl She took him to a police station to report the attack. Without bunks or mattresses, all 37 inmates in this cell sleep on the floor. There were no mattresses.

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