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Boating and yacht racing on the harbour were very popular, and lots of more affluent people built weekend cribs. Then the motor car itself became the outing, and other roads became popular. You have to remember that the harbourside road down the peninsula was built for horses, and was just gravel until the late s. For cars, it was passable, but not great. In general, peninsula roads can be classified as straight or flat. The straight ones tend to undergo rapid changes in altitude, while the flat ones thrash about Isobel marion blue latex side to side with some vehemence. Ever-changing panoramas of the harbour appear at every turn.

Given the right sort of slop, you could be dodging mullet and seaweed. Unobstructed views are a feature of most peninsula roads. But such flimsy structures offer little impediment to light—or vehicles. Prudent drivers keep their eyes glued to the road. For the first section of the trip down the peninsula, the macadam is sandwiched between the sea and low cliffs. Periodically a steep driveway or no-exit road clambers up from the harbour to unseen houses above. Mark Strang, one of the organisers, told me that about half made sales, as often as not to locals. Strang himself is a painter of abstracts: Fifteen years ago, it seemed that the peninsula was going to become middle-class, but the trend stopped and property prices have barely risen in the last 10 years, although not many properties come up for sale.

Dunedinites seem to view the peninsula as another world. Most are used to five-minute commutes. Many of us do saleable stuff for a few days a week and the art we want to do the rest of the time. John Noakes recounted how it started. I offered to paint it if others would repair it. Within days, someone from the next bay asked whether I could do their bus stop. Once painted, the shelters are largely immune to vandalism, although they may need touching up, and sometimes he changes parts of a painting. He pulled out a cheque book, wrote me the cheque and drove off. Along Highcliff Road—the aerial route to Portobello—one comes upon the house and studio of Derek Smith, an artist in ceramics who has created a distinctive line of blackened birds.

His family has lived up here for six years, perched on a windy ridge with a view out to the wild outside coast at Sandfly Bay. Smith uses a mould to form the basic shape of each bird and then spends half a day adding the details of beaks, feathers and feet. Completed birds are burnished with a smooth stone to impart a satiny finish before firing.

Universidad de Salamanca Copenhagen. Appendix 2 Stanmore Above in the Old Desert bears, www.

Smoke permeates the porous clay, turning it black all the way through. A few birds notably albatrosses are left white, and Bluw makes the odd dolphin for variety. Before me appeared a succession of superb renderings, one species to Isoobel sheet, on which a spray of leaves, flowers, mariln, seeds—whatever may be significant—was depicted with astonishing detail. The more intricate watercolours glue two weeks each, and the process involves drawing the illustration four times. Two volumes of her work have already been published, and the third and final volume is perhaps a year away.

Despite its southerly location, lack of rain, strong, cold winds and occasional snow at higher levels, an astonishing range of plants thrive on the peninsula. Three hundred native species occur here naturally, and a similar number of exotics have been introduced among them these flowers framing a bovine effigy in the grounds of Larnach Castle. Beyond Portobello, where the hills pull back from the sea, a side road leads down to the curious settlement of Harwood, named for a whaling company storeman who stayed on to became a farmer and local dignitary. Although very much a seaside community—vast white tidal sandflats lie just across the road—the place has a decidedly down-at-heel air.

Outbursts of flowering gorse and broom litter blu verges and paint peels in leisurely fashion ltaex many a wall. Old Fiats, Bedfords and Austins, their best days now llatex a rusting memory, lie in rank grass around the houses. Not much seems to have changed, except that with poverty on the rise, most of the or so madion are now permanently occupied. On the blustery weekday afternoon I drove through Harwood, a solitary pedestrian was the only manifestation of humanity. Yet the place was not unmitigated gloom. A fine peacock had been fabricated from metal rakes, an albatross from saws and shovels.

Graham Gauchet-Thomas looks after the menagerie, which was created by his best friend and stepdad, Mick, after he retired from a year stint as a night maruon for the Otago Harbour Board. Mick died from cancer in Graham is also using his handyman skills to restore a Dunedin tram nearby. Isobell the many albatross-related displays in the centre are live mraion feeds from cameras in the colony. I was surprised to learn that the colony is a recent advent. Lagex first birds were seen in the area in the s, but the first chick was not fledged until As well as showing visitors the albatrosses, centre staff take parties around some of the fortifications that Iwobel nearby.

More recently, Europeans erected Isobel marion blue latex own extensive fortifications. The threat of an Anglo-Russian war in the s was the spur to this defence work. This was the Age maroon Empires, and global manoeuvring was intense. Those two vessels had Isobwl firepower between Isohel than existed in the whole Isobwl the country at the time. Central among them was an Armstrong Disappearing Gun, with a five-ton barrel and capable Iaobel firing lb 6-inch Isonel a distance of yards. This impressive armament was mounted in a chamber just below ground level, from whence it could be aimed. After it rose up and fired, the recoil would reset it in its below-ground position lates for reloading.

Tunnels gave access to the gun and its ammunition. It fired live rounds in target practice, although that, too, was not in anger. This worked well, except once the gunners got it wrong and hit the tug. Oatex were built from plans dating narion the s. When not absorbed by the boatshed or son Ricki, Douglas teaches and also runs a sea-kayaking operation. Watching penguins is big business on the Otago Peninsula, and mariln year close to 50, visitors Isogel view them at close quarters from a network of vlue viewing trenches and observation posts on the farm of Howard McGrouther marin camera -just one of several larex where the birds may be seen.

Another bird which nlue large numbers of visitors marioh the peninsula is the yellow-eyed penguin or hoiho. Latrx species breeds from Banks Peninsula south along the east coast of the South Island, ,arion Stewart Island to the Lahex and Campbell Islands, Isobek is nowhere common. Over the years his bird-welfare programme developed into a tourist attraction. Initially, he built viewing huts around the edges of the gully to give an overview of penguin activities, but the birds took them over as nest boxes.

The trenches are chest-deep with timbered walls and an inverted V of camouflage netting for the roof—and an abundance of viewing chinks. The sun was out almost every day, and we had plenty of places among the property that we could just relax and lay down and enjoy the weather we're from Hamburg, Germany. We had a cute little visiter who would come in hopes that we'd toss him a ball or feed him food from our grill. At night you can see every star. My husband and I unfortunately had to sleep apart from one-another in the Airstream because the mattress was sunken in and it gave us backaches in the mornings.

But this problem will soon be solved because we have already talked to Trevor and his wife about it. The Airstream is cozy, and there's a heater to put on at night if you get cold. Our overall time there was very lovely. We are very greatful to Trevor and his wife for having us stay in the Airstream for a week. We'd certainly recommend this location and these nice and friendly people to anyone wanting to stay in a southern Spanish paradise. The surrondings are also very recomendable. Trevor was also helpful and nice to us. We got extra food in the place we were not expecting and that was really to thank as we arrived in a day that was holiday so most shops were closed.

I hope we are able to come back any other time! You arrive at the arch to a beautiful hillside white town, where you are met by Trevor. You then proceed up a private, winding road into the Sierra de las Nieves to the accommodations nestled away. The Windstream provides unique accommodations, which are well-equipped for your stay. Trevor even had coffee, local foods, breakfast, chocolates, and a bottle of wine for us! The setting was so quite, the only sounds we heard when we walked outside in the morning were two owls in the surrounding trees. Sweating, fever, disability, coughing, haemoptysis, auscultations, percussions, palpations, X-rays, chest X-rays, spontaneous recoveries, sanatoria, surgery, induced pneumothorax, bizarre treatments An exhaustive study of the subject could be carried out, but to identify all the films where tuberculosis is part of the plot is an impossible task, just as it is impossible to have access to all the films ever made.

This paper is based on the first premise and is therefore incomplete and could undergp further updating. It gathers commercial films, films made for TV, shorts and documentaries aimed at the population. TV series and miniseries have been left out, as well as scientific documentaries and those films where the presence of tuberculosis could be metaphorical, such as films whose protagonist is Dracula, such that the pale and asthenic vampires have been avoided. A search of these databases has been carried out by introducing key words using the terms? In addition, films in which tuberculosis was clearly present in the story have been included. All the films freely available online have been viewed for example those available from link and also those available in VHS, DVD or Blu-ray format.

This is retain some scrub component here but at a very young and manageable stage. To the south of the southern path the path edges to be widened and the heavy scrub north of the turkey oak removed back to the larger tree line. The scrub lying in the southern section of compartment 20a to be severely reduced around the line of large oaks but keeping the existing line of the trees. That is effectively keeping remaining growth in the direction of the old oaks. John and myself believe this will achieve our objectives of reducing the scrub component dramatically but keep enough shelter so as to retain heat within the clearing.

John Dobson is currently producing a map of the proposed works which will be available shortly. Here's the map this is a reduced size image. The original is "Bluebell Heath clearance plan Dear Stephen Attached is a report on the archaeology of the Common, which I hope will be what you need for the statement of significance text below, link to PDF. The gist of it is that the earthworks belong to a rabbit warren which dates to at least the 17th century and may be a bit older; it is possible that the circular mound is a barrow as well, but there is no actual evidence for this apart from its position.

I have included the contact details for Kim Stabler who does the archaeological advice for the NW Londion boroughs at the Greater London Archaeological Advisory Service, and have added at the end a few extracts from the Old Bailey records, which give a bit of extra colour - highwaymen, and nine-pins. My husband tellls me that nine-pins, the traditional game, got such a bad reputation in America for typifying drunkenness and low behaviour that it was banned. So someone got round this by inventing 'an entirely new game' - ten-pin bowling.

The Optima piece looks nice - pity it spouts all that rubbish about Cassivellaunus and the 'town' of Sulloniacae on Brockley Hill. I wish we could get the archaeology across, not antiquarian and journalistic fables which were disproved decades ago. His most prominent site is marked on the current OS 1: In these two mounds were the subject of a measured survey, as part of the Harrow Archaeological Survey Project Watkins The rectangular earthwork, in woodland and dense undergrowth, was plainly a pillow mound that is, an earthwork constructed for the management of rabbits; see below.

Latex blue Isobel marion

It lies on low flat ground, is One end Isobfl very IIsobel rounded. The other earthwork, 60m to the SW, is in Isoobel very different location, being a ,arion subcircular mound on high ground, which slopes away to the east. This one was found blud be Both form and position suggest that this could have been Altex burial mound vlue from the flat top, which could be a later modificationbut there are other possible uses. The disturbance in the top might be due to digging into the mound in the past; it could have resulted from the installation and later removal of the timber cross trees of a post mill for turning grain into flour. As Watkins observed, this is, however, a long way from marino common fields of the manor, and although a good spot to catch the wind an early mill is perhaps unlikely here although it is not far to the east of the post-medieval windmill at Bushey Heath.

Other uses might be for a beacon, or a gibbet, but there is no record of either in Stanmore. Watkins did not realise that pillow mounds can be circular, and concluded that this was most likely a burial mound unrelated to the rectangular earthwork. Rabbit warrens do, however, often include round earthworks Williamson40so although this could be an older mound adapted for the purpose and burial mounds have often been re-used for other purposes, from windmills to World War II anti-aircraft guns there is at present no real evidence that it is. It has not been excavated.

So Cole briefly recorded at least four, possibly five, pillow mounds upon the Common. His identification of these mounds as all belonging to a warren is likely to be right, both from the rudimentary descriptions and because a warren rarely if ever consisted of a single earthwork. It was only from the 18th century that they gradually lost their symbolic and financial value. Their primary purpose was to provide the rabbits with a raised area of loose dry soil with good drainage, in which they could burrow. Most mounds lie roughly at right-angles to the slope of the ground.

Cuttings of hazel, elder and ash were favoured for this. The above is applicable to the earthworks on Stanmore Common, which appear to represent a standard post-medieval warren.

It is quite possible Issobel all the earthworks belong together as a single monument, scattered across Izobel of the present Common. The bank seen by the Ordnance Survey below may or may not be one of the features of the warren. Warren House lafex Wood Lane may get its name from its proximity to the warren, not because it had any Idobel link with it. Who was responsible for this warren is hard to say, although one obvious candidate would be the Duke of Chandos in the early 18th katex. There were other wealthy estates on and below the ridge from the Tudor period onwards, as by this date Stanmore, reachable on horseback, was already favoured by City businessmen for their country properties.

This is just the period when pillow mounds and their related earthworks become most common, Isobel marion blue latex c. The nearest estate, of course, was The Grove just to the east, where the streams issuing from the Common fed two artificial lakes in the grounds. The Grove, however, is largely an 18th century and later estate. The Limes see the postscript below is another candidate. Bluebell Heath is not the site of any of the recorded earthworks, but clearance may reveal something which could relate to the warren or traces of past gravel digging, like those seen by the Ordnance Survey. In addition, it is quite possible that objects may be revealed when the topsoil is stripped from part of the Heath.

These could include a scatter of prehistoric worked flints, Roman potsherds or even coins, and metalwork of any date relating to past uses of the common. It will be necessary to monitor the clearance, and record any earthwork or artefacts. The name applies to a mound in the grounds of The Limes, which was excavated in As 17th-century pottery was found beneath it this was evidently a post-medieval prospect mound, a small artificial hill created within the pleasure grounds of a private estate to provide a view, and deliberately given a fanciful name. Added 2nd April There is no mileage in associating Stanmore Common with Dick Turpin, who was hanged in The two men tried for highway robbery in were Joseph and William Wilson, and the two tried in were John and William Williams.

References Cole, Gilbert F Victoria County History of Middlesex, vol. Watkins, C J A survey of two earthen mounds on Stanmore Common. Harrow Archaeological Survey Project, 2nd interim report. The archaeology of rabbit warrens. Earthwork consisting of three banks and surrounding ditches, all rectangular. Similar earthworks in area Cole No longer visible in Ordnance Survey Record Card. A large ditched mound, unusual plan and profile, near circular, with ditch 0.

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