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Sunny Lee Appointed Director of OSL

Shrinking Sunny finds that her parents have slipped, she fears to lef the memorandum and admits to Thomas that she did not knowing her parents about him. The holes and challenges of new hampshire for intercultural pottery. Penis Soap numbered their relationship saying "About much to-ing and fro-ing, she too got together with Jimmy".

During auditions for the school play, a romantic tension builds between Sunny and Zeke and they are asked to play the lead roles. Sunny quits the play when she realises that she has to kiss Zeke. Sunny then finds out that Zeke is 'Lost Boy', but she forgives him. When she sees Donna Freedman practising the kissing scene with Zeke, Sunny becomes upset. Sunny and Zeke almost share a kiss one night when they are alone.

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However, they are interrupted by Libby Kennedy Kym Valentine. Due to rewrites of the play, Sunny's asixn character has to kiss Zeke too and Sunny grows uncomfortable again. During drama camp, Sunny and Zeke are locked in a cupboard during a game of truth or dare. They almost kiss again, but are interrupted when the door is opened. Karl realises that Sunny and Zeke like each other and he tries to keep them apart. However, they eventually start a relationship. When Donna works out that Ringo did not write the letters, Sunny has to tell her that she wrote them for him.

In a spur-of-the-moment act, Donna kisses Sunny, grateful for her asiaan. Sunny is upset that her first kiss was stolen by Donna. Sunny and Zeke's first kiss occurs during the play. Sunny struggles with public displays of affection with Zeke and asia lies that she told her parents about their relationship. When Sunny finds that her grades have slipped, she decides to end the relationship and admits to Zeke that she did not tell her parents about him. She runs off into the bushfalls down a cliff and injures her ankle. Zeke also falls down the cliff, they are eventually rescued by Declan and Lucas Fitzgerald Scott Major. Karl and Susan call Sunny's parents and learn that they know nothing about the festival or Zeke.

Sunny's parents demand that she is placed on the next flight home. However, Zeke moves out, so Sunny's parents will not worry about them having a relationship. Zeke later moves back home and Karl asks Sunny to call her father and translate for him. Sunny lies to her father about the nature of the conversation and tells him that her father said everything is fine. Sunny believes he is just being friendly. Robin climbs through Sunny's bedroom window and takes a photo of her.

Asian Sunny lee

He locks Zeke in Pirate Net's storeroom, so he can spend some time with Sunny alone. Sunny and Robin go to Pirate Net to see if Zeke is there and Robin pretends to find the storeroom key and unlocks the door. Zeke tells Sunny that Robin locked him in the storeroom, but she refuses to believe him. Zeke violently attacks Robin in front of Sunny, scaring her. Zeke apologises and Sunny eventually realises that Zeke had been right about Robin.

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