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Fayan American student who had vandalised several automobiles, and in the United Arab Emirates in Asian teacher whipped Sarah Balabagana Filipina maid convicted of homicide. Caning in Indonesia is a recent introduction, in the special case of Acehon Sumatra, which since its autonomy has introduced a form of sharia law for Muslims only male or femaleapplying the cane to the clothed upper back of the offender. Effects[ edit ] Caning with a heavy judicial rattan as used in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei can leave scars for years if a large number of strokes are inflicted. However, most ordinary canings with a typical light rattan used at home for punishing children or at school for punishing studentsalthough painful at the time, leave only reddish welts or bruises lasting a few days.

A caning sentence being carried out in Banda AcehIndonesia in Another tai chi master from the Beijing Martial Arts Association, said tai chi and mixed martial arts did not follow the same rules and exponents of the two should not go up against each other. Xu said on his microblog that he could take on two or three traditional martial artists and a number had already accepted.

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A display of rattan judicial canes from the Johor Bahru Prison museum, Malaysia. Charles Chenevix Trench was caned as a boy at Winchester College in the early s and later said that "it was, of course, disagreeable, but left no permanent scars on my personality or my person". Two examples of the caning of foreigners which received worldwide media scrutiny are the canings in Singapore in of Michael P. The cane was generally administered in a formal ceremony to the seat of the trouserstypically with the student bending over a desk or chair.

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It was felt that granting untrained and unsupervised older adolescents the power to impose comprehensive thrashings tezcher their younger schoolmates whenever they chose might have adverse psychological effects. See Caning in Singapore. Caning as a school punishment for boys is still routine in a number of former British territories including Singapore[24] Malaysia and Zimbabwe.

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