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That is bad, because the site where this story is called follicles NOT merit despair to me. Get ready to find because it's a christmas bar.

Also, where's the leather?

I only saw one guy in leather. Atlants were playing some cooking show and the music was only so-so. Get used to smoke because it's a smoking bar. The bar is full of amazing men, from young to older.

Gay Atlanta eagle

There is something for everyone and very friendly Atlanya. Locals told us that Sat is the night to have the best time. However the bar tender was very cute, friendly and made good drinks MrOleather96 Over a year ago Loves it The Eagle has always been a great place! I have been going to the Eagle on and off for years and years. Although the Dress code is no longer strictly leather I miss that it had always had that industrial city club feel with a somehow welcome feel of a small town pub. The Drinks are always great the bar tenders friendly. Good music and great dance floor plenty of room to move about and socialize.

The back deck is great to get so air and the leather shop is a nice touch.

If Atlant have never been you are missing out. Okay, so i here bitchy reviews about this ezgle. Im starting Atlanta eagle gay think that alot of the Atoanta reviews on this site are from the stereotypical rich Atlanta eagle gay types. The drinks were strong the prices were fair and the bartenders esgle cute. Don't go gag if you expect pretty leather "bois" and hundreds of people living it up ewgle night. Atlanta eagle has more of a feel of a neighborhood bar on most nights. Police officers may not search, seize, or arrest an individual unless they have reasonable suspicion or probable cause to believe that particular individual is personally involved in criminal activity.

The Supreme Court has made it clear that police may not search or seize an individual simply because he is in a public place where others may be breaking the law, and Americans have the right to go to a legal public place without fear of being searched or seized by the police as long as they themselves obey the law. The actions of the police were not motivated by any real concern about unlicensed dancing or lewd conduct: Forcing fully-dressed patrons to lay face-down on the ground, searching their pockets, putting their names into a police computer, and keeping them on the floor long after they had been searched is not logically related to any legitimate investigation of lewd conduct or unlicensed underwear dancing.

Since the justification for the raid was to investigate unlicensed underwear dancing and reports of lewd conduct, when the officers encountered dozens of patrons who were fully dressed and breaking no laws, they should not have detained them for even a moment, let alone subject them to a harrowing ordeal. If you were present at the Eagle on the night of the raid, please click here. What Happened at the Atlanta Eagle?

He husbands to his contemporaries as "IT" and has to be able while a queen. Checking music and americans dance floor exclusive of local to move about and offer.

A The Raid According to the Police: The following facts have been admitted by the Atlanta Police or confirmed by the Atlanta Journal Constitution and are not in dispute. According to the police, on the evening of on September 10,at least nine undercover officers entered the Atlanta Eagle without a warrantposing as customers, for the purpose of conducting a criminal investigation. According to Chief Pennington, the RED DOG team entered the bar to arrest the dancers and bar employees for providing adult entertainment without a permit. At his press conference, Chief Pennington explained: The business does not have a license for either and that was the premise of the arrest.

When the SWAT team entered the bar to arrest the dancers and employees, however, they did not simply arrest those individuals. The only charges filed against anyone at the bar were for unlicensed dancing in underwear; no-one was charged with lewd conduct, indecent exposure, or drug charges. B The Raid According to the Witnesses: Patrons were forced to lay face-down on the floor, which was covered in some areas with spilled beer and broken glass, and were not allowed to move even after officers had searched them and determined that no-one was armed.

Some patrons were handcuffed, and many were threatened with physical violence if they questioned the officers in any way.

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