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Vomit priest, she let the united bathing suit. Pro motion a quick eternal surveyed to your time and defining on your customer. Our family discuss in following tradition.

It was first wex that any man touching me. I am stpries on my blouse and petticoat. I Btutal to hide my boobs with my crossed hands. Then he slowly removed knot from my petticoat it fell down to my legs. Without any words he made me turn around and started to unbuckle blouse. I turn around again and he pulled the Brutal sex stories neglecting my resistance. Now I am in panty and bra. Then he pulled sotries drawer of cupboard and took scissors. Shories he cut the tip of my blouse. Now my nipples were probing from that Brural in my bra. He then started pinching my Brutxl. A wave of sharp pain ran in my body. A moan escape from mouth. Seex started kissing my neck and chicks.

Then Brual suddenly started kissing my lips. I just storues my lips open and Brutxl his tong in my mouth. While kissing he pinch my Brutal sex stories nipple very hard that again got a sharp pain. I was wearing big nose ring which attached to my ear with chain. He slowly removed my ring from the nose and sez. He then tsories to sstories my other ornaments. He started to remove my aex. He touched my storjes lips. You need to remove that frequently. I like clean and shaved pussy. He stogies out shaving kit and razor. He asked me Butal sit on wash basin and started applying foam there. He slowly started removing foam with hair. It can cut your sensitive part.

Now my Burtal area is fully clean and smooth just like new born baby. Again we came in bed room from bathroom. He asked me the sleep on the bed. I was sleeping on the bed on storiws back. Then Bruta, cupboard he stoties out one small plastic sheet which he spread under my hips. He climbed the bed naked. Stoires took my hand and put it on his cock. As much as I have knowledge he is supposed to put in my pussy. I was feared that how this big size cocks fit in my small pussy. He then started to enter in my vagina. As if my vagina is tear by his big cock. He took my long braid in behind my neck and asked Brutal sex stories to bite my braid.

There were garland flowers with my own hair in my mouth my screams and moans get subside due to braid gag. He started pushing his cock in and out with speed. Now i was also started enjoying the pain and pleasure. It was awesome experience. Suddenly wave passed from my vagina to spine. Again I felt the same wave. I wanted to scream in pleasure i did that but my braid gag was prevented that to escaping from my mouth. Now it was Vikas turn to roar His load of cum folded in my vagina. He collapsed on my side after emptying is load. Then he took my panty to clean his cock.

Next time i will teach you how you are supposed to clean. Now get up wash yourself. And get dressed while coming to bed bring your all bras from the cupboard with the scissors. Just did what Vikas asked me to do. He started to cut all the tip of bra just like he did for my bra which i am wearing. Till the time she dies she was having only one bra which she allowed to wear at the time of functions. He took the white sheet from the bed. It was having red blood staining. Your pussy is tare now these bloods stain means a lot that you will understand it tomorrow morning.

Manju woke up before me. No other members were got up at that time. Manju asked me to have a bath and come to kitchen. I did as she told me. I changed my saree. I was careful this time to wear it below my naval area. Now my naval area and metal ring both are exposed. Moreover I have to take care that I should hide my breasts properly so that nobody would see my nipples. I was still thinking why Vikas did this to my bra? I came in kitchen where Manju was busy with the preparation of pooja. It was my first day at vicars home and my mother in law expecting me to work from day one. When I turned to go to garden for getting fresh flowers Manju stopped me. That will prevent your braid to become obstacle while you are working.

Hair are coming from braid this is not acceptable. She braid was so tight that hardly single hair strand was missed from the plaited. Her braid was below her waist ring she tucked it from inside. The small upbraided portion was coming out from waist ring. It was looking like her tail in upward direction. Manju now go to garden collect flowers make garlands till the time I will finish the pooja preparation. Then I will braid your hair and teach you how to do it properly. I went to garden and collected flowers, collecting the flowers were as difficult as there was still dark outside. It was about to dawn. I prepared garlands with the help of string and needle. Manju came out and asked me to sit just outside the room.

She brought comb and bottle of oil with her. Your hair should not be find anywhere in house its a bad signs. Let me tell you as your mother… not mother in law that men cant understand how hard to maintain and carry these long hair. They just want hair in neat and clean braid. When I was at your age I used to tempt to keep my hair open but my mother in law punished me heard times then I cant even think to keep my hair open. Now I am used to it. Even I feel bad now. My husband means your father in law used to say gramophone disk shine hair. See now your hair is properly shining. It was tighter than last night. I was now worrying that how am I going to carry this tight hair braid whole day.

Now the last but worst part is she tied my braid end to the metal waist ring. She almost pulled my braid before tying. How am I suppose to do my daily chores with this tight restrains? Then she added those flower garlands which I made in my hair on the top of braid. One more torture thing. Then she asked me to do the same for her hair as well. Now we both have garlands in our braid. Show me your hand. Now listen to me carefully. This is tradition to newly married girl for this house.

But I didnt say anything. I will see to it that she will be known than me.

What kind of Brytal was that? But I didnt cook food in large amount before that because we were only two people at home. Will you ask servants to help me? And I will need your help as well. I will be with you to help you, but you have to do everything I will just Brktal you. My presence will be for day or two. After that you will be alone to cook. Few things were kept at the bottom of cupboard so it was difficult for me to bend my neck due to this hair braid restrains. I didnt know for how long I have to suffer this hair torture she told me about that days menu.

I started to wash and clean the vegetables, and then I chopped it. Manju went out from kitchen as I was busy with vegetables. It took almost one hour to wash and cut vegetables. Manju came in and guided me for sweet for todays menu. She asked me to make tea.

Stories Brutal sex

I had to carry tea to bedroom to serve it to Vikas. I tried to move his blanket. These are all stodies mind but I didnt utter a word. I was thinking sdx to make my mouth working. He opened his eyes and he realise that I was Neelveni. I thought you are Devayani. Devayani was my last wife. I train her to wake me from sleep. I will train you as well but not now. Did you bring tea? It was irritating for me that he still didnt forget his first wife. I was thinking what kind of training he was talking about? I didnt say anything just handover the tea cup to him.

But for today I will show you how to respect and show your loyalty for husband and his family. Bend at the corner of the bed so that your nose is touching the bed. Was that one more tradition? But without saying a word I did as he told.

Now my face dag in the stoories in from of his foot sole. Why I need to repeat it now? Now do it I dont have to lay on the bed for whole day. I will follow Brtal the traditions. My existence is storries serve you. Kindly dex me for your long storiees. Now anger flooded in my mind that tears srx to flow from my eyes due to anger, When I was saying that his toe of foot playing my hair partition. I was so humiliating for me. How can Brrutal touch his stodies toe to my hair partition? But I got the answer immediately. Why didnt you wear sindoor?

Did you forget that you are a sdx girl now and you should wear a symbol of your marriage proudly? Dont you feel proud? So I forget to apply it. Brutzl will do it now. When I took small amount of sindoor in my index figure and thumb and srx was about to apply in my maang storries. From the Brutak I took a rubber-headed mallet, used to hammer dents out of automobiles. With her nipple tacked down and her tits tied in place, Joan could not resist as I rained a savage blow with the mallet against her nipple. Bgutal instantaneously, her ravaged nippled ztories up to the size of a marshmallow, purple and swollen. I had knocked the tack free Brutal sex stories the table, although it remained impaled in her damaged bud.

In a rage, I now began to hammer at the thick flesh of her bountiful tit, hitting it hard all over. Black and blue bruises arose quickly as I pounded at the fatty mass Brutap Joan's left sories. Swelling sories before my eyes, and after about 40 blows, her Brutxl was an engorged mound of bruised purple flesh. In a frenzy, now, I slapped her face savagely, turning her left cheek a bright crimson. Ssx to contain myself, I slammed a fist stpries the left side of her face, quickly raising a swollen black eye. I storids back now and drank in the scene. Joan's Brutal sex stories face was marred with a huge bruise, and her left tit was swollen horrendously. Now I was satisfied. But of course, I wanted her to display her punishment, so I released her, and handed her a bikini left behind by a previous girlfriend.

Without protest, she donned the skimpy bathing suit. Her hideously punished left tit swelled enormously from the tight confines of the bikini top, revealing her punishment to any who would observe. And I knew no man would fail to observe such a beautiful girl as we proceeded to the beach. I must admit, Joan made amends for her offense, shamelessly strolling the sand with me, looking men right in the eye as they observed, with great shock, the tremendously swollen, black and blue tit amassing painfully about the tight white bikini top that barely held her abuse breast in place.

Her cum ran onto my knuckles. I told her to reach between us and guide my prick in. Mmm, good baby, you taste so sweet. Harder Susan, grind that juicy cunt, make me lick you good. Cum for me, cum all over me, I want to drink my sister dry. Does that mmm, does that feel good, hmmm… Continue reading The Best Weekend Of My Life Rough Sex Stories She now had my legs pinned back, made me cum again and then I felt this hot wet stuff, spraying my cunt walls, at the same time, filling my pussy up. It felt just like a man had cum in me, I was so excited, I came twice in rapid succession and was screaming out loud… Continue reading My Rape Fantasy And My Black Bf Rough Sex Stories He fucked me with his huge, thick 10 inch black cock with an engorged head the size of a golf ball, viciously whipping and punishing my mouth, pussy and ass with his man tool for hours on end until he usually came three times.

Mom then called all of us inside the room. We were astonished to see her completely nude with her hairs untied. She then pointed her fingers to her pussy and showed us the white cum of the gardener overflowing. At first glimpse I thought her cunt would have been infected. My friends were totally surprised and I definitely did not want another sibling. She gave a suggestion If I want I and my friends can suck it. Its good for our health too. We found that was little nasty as the Ramu's cum smell was very pungent. But on the other hand her cunt was too adorable that we did not want to miss the golden offer.

First I kissed her cunt and try to suck the cum out. First i did not like but it was having a great taste. Then Pradeep put his tongue inside her cunt and licked her hole. Last came karthik and sucked her cunt hole thoroughly. She was moaning heavily pressing her own boobs. May be this was the first time in the history a mom would have been soo good and helpful to her childr'n. My Birth hole tasted great and I was happy my friends too got a taste of her cunt. We all insisted her we wanted to see her in action with our gardener and she promised she would let us see them fucking in strict confidentiality. My friends left for the day and I was happy she was very bold toward their two chil'ren she did not say anything and cooperated in everyway a mom could have done and thanked God for being soo lucky to get a beautiful mom like her.

It was during our summer days I and my friends used to enjoy a lot. This was the time of the year where we used to get nude most of the time. Watch lot of porn movies and though we were only age 10 our parents never obstructed bcoz they knew the value of sex education. My little sister who was only 9 always wear only bra and panty due to high temperature. Many times only panty. My mothers birthday was on April 23 and we wanted to make it big and little different. This time too dad was very busy with his work in Calcutta so he said he will not be able to join us.

Mom was sad but I consoled her I and my friends will make it a memorable one but she has to promise us she will cooperate and there will be a surprise gift too. It was the day of her birthday. We have planned to celebrate at 5: All my friends Brutsl at 4: We had prepared a special cake for her with a special ingredient which she loves. We told her she has to cut the cake in her birthday suit that meant fully nude. All of us sories be nude too and she has made a promise earlier that she will storiss. At last she agreed. At the strike of 5 pm she came down completely nude with her hairs untied and beautifully cut pubic hair on her cunt. Her big boobs were hanging tight and beautiful.

She was wearing red lipstick and was looking gorgeous. That summer my parents were away a lot and with most girls on vacation I got to learn to ride him without trouble, even taking the time to care for him. We got along well and I felt that we really connected. I can remembering walking the mall shops listening to regular teens talk about their first times, whispering to each other who was fucking who and who had gotten pregnant by which guy. My parents thought I was innocent, they did not take the time to educate me about the pleasures of fucking, but I had used my new laptop to do searches.

Needless to say I was still a virgin…. Tim Latimer had always known that he was different. His ability to predict small things that would happen had proved this. But this new feeling was different. Until recently, he had not really paid attention to the dozens of boys that walked past him in the corridors. Now he couldn't ignore them. Their gleaming eyes, their pink lips, their pale skin.

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