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Olr was what happened and it was done by the book. Follow Vivian on Twitter: Unless we have perfect rules for every situation in every culture, tolerance is our best option to deal with cross-cultural issues. Of course, it is fashionable to claim that Chinese cheat, but we need proof.

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They look ugly, like another version of the ugly trainers that have been very in fashion recently, but they are functional and comfortable shoes and popular with people of all ages, and with the hipster crowd. This is a movie made for us, by us, with our faces, words, labour and sparkle in its bones. After all, do only blonde, pale-eyed beauties deserve cheesy one-liners and a redemption arch? In other words, a cardboard cutout of a person. But rules are never universal. In a commercial society like Sweden, customers are always right, even if they make mistakes.

Asian Ugly old

The traditional Chinese way is a meaningful alternative to the Western by-the-rules style of problem solving. Should we force them to follow our ways or should we understand them better and seek the middle way? Not a war-torn tear jerker, martial arts caper, or slick gangland heist, but a sugary, frivolous romantic ride complete with the difficult mother-in-law and wardrobe montage. Production of Uneek shoes was deliberately kept small in the beginning, says Colistro. One lunchtime in Causeway Bay, a busy Hong Kong shopping and office district, we spotted at least seven people wearing Uneeks — people aged from their late teens to their thirties, and even seniors, who said it was their adult children who had bought the shoes for them.

How Chinese tourists are changing the world Globalisation allows different cultures to interact, and misunderstandings and friction are to be expected. Because us Asians deserve to see ourselves draped in Dior as much as the next Anne Hathaway-as-fashion-assistant. This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Want to be involved? In China, the police also act as mediators in conflicts. How to resolve conflicts between cultures under the watchful eyes of millions will be important for years to come.

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