Frats suck

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9 Shitty Things Fraternities Have Done In 2015

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They justify these dues by saying that they are to pay for the events the frat puts on and the community related activities they volunteer for. Well we all know the real reason behind these high dues is to pay for the never ending date parties.

Suck Frats

They only involve themselves sparingly in the community and that is mainly to fill the University requirements of an organization, and try to keep up a good image, so their mommies and daddies don't think they just party all the time. If frats and sororities really cared about anything, but themselves they could do a lot more. They have enough income to really do something if they wanted to. Just picking up trash along the highway twice a year doesn't cut it. And what's the deal with the shirts for everything?

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That's a cheap attempt at an ego. There's essentially no difference in the phenomena, nor their justification. In many cases, sororities are worse than fraternities due to the fact that far too many college girls have absolutely no self-confidence. I close with a line of logic I like to invoke when discussing why fraternities and all collectivist organizations are detestable. That doesn't mean PETA is ever right about anything. But at least you can sort of try and rationalize that messed-up thought process and see things through the eyes of a Baldwin.

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However, some things just can't be explained until they make sense, unless it's 2 in the afternoon and you're sucj plastered. Of course, I'm talking about fraternities, which are also known as the stupidest fucking things ever. Here's the only benefit in joining a fraternity: That's pretty much it. Unless you enjoy sharing a house with 15 other dick heads usck do more shots of whiskey on any given day than the total number of times they go to class all year. But if that's your idea of a good time, you don't deserve to live anyway. You should be shot in the face, you mother fucking waste of bone. Before I launch into my prolonged diatribe as to why fraternities and all their members are all at least mildly retarded, here's one caveat: Is there anything wrong with these descriptions?

I know this because I run into these frat boys after they leave college. The real world calls for the need for real, true and deep friendships and our frat houses need to do a better job of communicating not just what that is, but how to live it out. In fact, you should probably go get a job.

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