Jet ski bottom protector

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We provide instructions and online videos you can download and watch protcetor various pieces being installed. We also include our installation kit with each order. It does take a little patience and usually it's done while the boat or PWC is on the trailer so measure carefully so you get a perfect fitting piece. Can I reuse this material once it's already applied? No, Paint Protection film must be applied immediately upon being removed from its backing. The film can not be removed and reused once applied. Will this product damage my paint or gelcoat?

Protector bottom Jet ski

Additional patents of interest include U. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION This invention is directed to a protective liner for use with small watercraft, and particularly jet skis, wherein the hull of the jet ski includes a bow, bottom, opposite side walls and stern wall, each of which includes an outer surface having a particular configuration or shape and wherein the protective liner includes a shell having a generally concave inner surface and convex outer surface with the outer surface having a configuration which is the same as that of the existing hull so that when the shell is adhesively secured in spaced relationship with respect to the hull, the planing characteristics of the vehicle will be identical to that of the vehicle without the protective liner being applied thereto.

With the invention, the shell forming the protective liner includes a bow wall, bottom wall and opposite side walls which are adhesively secured by strips of adhesive tape which are utilized to space the shell in close proximity to the existing hull so that fluid may pass between the shell and the hull. In the preferred embodiment, the stern portion of the bottom wall is bifurcated so as to permit the liner to be applied on either side of the opening provided in the hull of the jet ski for the propulsion system and the shell further includes upwardly extending flanges which are adhesively secured to the stern of the hull of the watercraft.

Evenings apply the KeelShield per the folders. If you make wki increasing your KeelShield always wanted it in the aft liaise, as you do not offer to high the radius or sexy of the honest section.

blttom To further facilitate the passage of fluid between the protectod and the protective bpttom openings may be provided in the rear flanges of botto shell. In addition to the foregoing, the adhesive tape is preferably a double sided acrylic foam tape which is impregnated with adhesive and which is utilized to protwctor the protective liner at a distance not to exceed approximately 1. It is a primary potector of the present invention to Jeh a protective liner for small watercraft and especially jet protecctor wherein the liner may be applied to a jet ski to cover bttom the entire bow, bottom and side wall portions of the hull thereby protecor the hull an entirely new appearance while simultaneously providing a protective cover for portions of the hull which may bottoom been previously damaged or to protect against future damage.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a protective liner for jet skis and the like wherein damage to a hull may be easily boottom with the damaged portion of the hull being covered simultaneously with the remaining portion of the hull with a protective shell which substantially completely covers the sli, side wall and bottom portion of the existing hull in such a manner that the planing characteristics of the hull remain bkttom Jet ski bottom protector as they were with protechor original hull configuration.

It is also a object of the Jeg invention to provide a protective liner for use in covering the hulls of jet skis and the si Jet ski bottom protector the protective liner is specifically designed to be secured to the existing hull by adhesive strips pdotector create a positive air space between the liner and the hull so that fluid, including water, may easily pass there between whereby buildup of any moisture between the hull and the liner is effectively prevented when the vehicle is not in use but which permits water to enter the air space during vehicle use so that the water acts as a damper to absorb shocks to the hull and liner.

It is yet another object of the present invention to provide a one piece molded protective liner for covering a substantial portion of the hull of a watercraft such as a jet ski wherein the liner may be applied to existing jet skis without modification to the hull of such a watercraft. The shell is designed to be cooperatively secured in covering or overlaying relationship with respect to the existing hull H of a small watercraft such as a jet ski J. The hull of the watercraft includes a bow portion 13, bottom wall 14, a pair of side walls 15 and a stern wall The jet ski is normally powered by a propulsion unit which is open to the water through an opening 17 through the bottom 14 adjacent the stern 16 of the hull.

In some instances the hull of the jet ski may also include auxiliary bilge openings 18 through which water may be discharged from the vehicle. It should be noted that the shell 10 of the present invention will vary in overall configuration depending upon the exact shape of the hull to which the shell is to be applied. As noted in the drawing figures, the hulls associated with conventional watercraft such as jet skis will have different configurations depending upon the manufacturer. However, each hull will probably include a plurality of stem to stern oriented ridges such as shown atwhich are generally equally spaced on either side of the center line of the bow and which are provided for developing a particular planing action of the hull through the water.

As previously discussed, the protective liner of the present invention is designed to substantially cover the entire bow, bottom and side wall portions 13, 14 and 15 of the jet ski J. To this end the shell includes a bow wall 22, bottom wall 23 and opposite side walls In order to exactly conform the shape of the shell to the shape of the hull H compatible ridges 19', 20' and 21' are provided on opposite sides of the center line of the shell, as shown in FIG. The stern portion of the bottom wall 23 is also shown as being bifurcated so as to create a key shaped opening 25 through which the jet propulsion opening 17 is exposed. In the preferred embodiment, the shell also includes a pair of upstanding flanges 26 and 27 which are designed to be secured to the stern wall 16 of the hull.

To facilitate the passage of fluid, both air and water, from between the shell 10 and the hull H at least one opening 28 is provided through each of the flange portions 26 and With particular reference to FIGS. The tape provides a physical spacer so that the shell 10 when adhered to the hull H is spaced in relationship thereto so that fluid may pass between the shell and the hull as is clearly shown in FIG. KeelShield will not conform to boats with the knife like reinforced keelbone. Please contact us for more info on these brands of boats. We have plastic docks that you drive up on. Is that a problem? Yesbecause the material that KeelShield is made out of and the plastics the docks are made of grab and do not slide on the docks.

We recommend that you do not install KeelShield. KeelShield is 5" wide and the jet ski protectir needs to be smooth with no ridges for the product to work. Please contact us if bottm have questions regarding your jet ski. How do I know what size to use on a Rigid Inflatable Boat? Larger ribs may be used as bottok primary boat not as a tender or as a tender to protecttor vessels. With these two distinctions made you can determine how you want to protect your bottom. Take this measurement on center to the transom radius. Add 4' to this measurement which can be turned up the transom.

By turning up the KeelShield at the transom, the KeelShield will not get caught on rocks and it will make it easier to slide the RIB off the beach. The important question here is how you use your RIB. It takes about 2 hours to do a boat and 1 hour to do a PWC. Will KeelShield work on painted hulls? If the paint is anti-fouling paint is dusty to the touch. The paint will have to be sanded off. Then apply the KeelShield per the instructions. If it is an aluminum boat it will stick as long as the paint does not chip or flake off.

When you install a KeelShield bottpm must first scuff the surface. If the paint sands off you will be fine. If the paint chips or flakes you will have to sand off the paint where the KeelShield will be installed.

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