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Vintage historic antique Harley

Where a vintage bike is just old, the term classic generally refers to bikes that have stayed more original, rather than custom. If it's customized and old, it's most likely vintage. An XS with a '73 frame and a '76 engine, customized and painted is undoubtedly vintage, but not many would call it a classic. Most states have some sort of Historic Vehicle Registration system in order, and their requirements vary. You'll never register your bike as vintage, though you may enter it into a vintage bike show. Generally, vintage is the loosest of the three terms.

Whether it was the classic Americana of cruisers and biker style in the 50's or watching Kenny Roberts in the GP in the late 70's, most of us have some sort of nostalgia linked to our two-wheeled passion. What to call that old bike of yours By Morgan Gales posted Feb 3rd, at 5: Antique is the only one of these three terms that has a "real" definition. You could call these vintage, classic, or antique and never be wrong. The Antique Motorcycle Club of America defines them as at least 35 years old.

If it's bad and old, it's most frequently vintage. Where a very bike is having old, the couch classic generally refers to us that have discovered more forgiving, rather than happy.

So which is your bike? Generally, a bike must be between years old, and only be used histotic exhibition purposes, like parades and shows. Most agree that 30 years old is classic. Opinions vary, but here's what we've found: Most vintage motorcycle shows will cut off at or While the Katana being an official antique seems a little weird to me, I appreciate the 35 year cutoff, rather than saying something like "pre If it's more than 35 years old, it's definitely antique. Antique, Vintage or Classic Motorcycle?

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